Land of colors, mysteries, traditions and legends, Sorrento, always charms, amazes and inspires to return. According to the Greeks Sorrento, lying between the waters may have been Siren and perhaps even today with their song, Sirens are wandering visitors from all over the world, making them fall in love and persuading them to come back.

Many civilizations have “lived” Sorrento: the Etruscans and Greeks who delivered to the city the urban plan still visible today in the historic center, the Osci and the Romans who were conquered by the charm and the climate of this land have built here the most beautiful Villas of the empire.

In addition, Byzantines, the Lombards, the Normans, and the Aragonians, each one has left the mark, a part of himself, which Sorrento has jealously guarded for centuries, delivering to us, which we possess today, the privilege of admiring it. They are the remains of the ancient walls and a temple that the Greeks had dedicated to the goddess Athena on the promontory of Campanella, the ancient Roman villas with ponds, water lilies, artificial prawns almost stretched to embrace the sea.

Then the arches and grottoes dug into the tuff, the streets that preserve the typical Greek and Roman pavements that time has given us almost unaltered.

Along these streets, alleys, arches, small staircases that from the rise of the sea between tuff rocks to reach the center, breathes a climate of “lived”, “past history” and tries to imagine all the Several people who have lived and recognized the footprint that everyone has left for us.

Among the monuments and ancient villas, we can discover the testimonies of famous guests, who from 1700 to 1800 chose this place as a source of inspiration by inserting it into the “Grand Tour”, which travels through the most significant Italian cities that every noble European Made to complete his personal culture.

Byron, Keats, Scott, Dickens, Goethe, Wagner, Ibsen and Nietzsche are just some of the artists who have left an indelible mark in Sorrento by drawing inspiration for their works from this small peninsula full of history and magic, temple of traditions, And legends of long ago, cradle of ancient treasures and beautiful sirens.