Stunning views, history, traditions and modern comforts are all represented in today’s Amalfi life, giving its visitors the opportunity to spend a relaxing and stimulating holiday at the same time.

The origins of Amalfi dates back to the first century BC, when the Roman aristocracy built luxurious villas in this area.

Soon Amalfi, and its surrounding cities, became sophisticated and well-developed communities. Amalfi thrived especially thanks to the rich trade opportunities with many other populations throughout the Mediterranean Sea.

Amalfi possessed a powerful fleet of ships, and had strong maritime traditions, and laws (Tabula de Amalpha).

Today, Amalfi still retains its fishing traditions, and has a series of fully functional, traditional fishing boats. The Amalfi People is also very proud of one of their most famous sailors, Flavio Gioia, inventor of the compass.

The Fierce people of Amalfi gained independence in 838 with fights against the Longobard Empire. Unfortunately, the Pisan army conquered Amalfi between the 11th and 12th centuries. The sighting towers, which are still scattered around the coast, remain a fascinating and perpetual sign of these conflicts.

With its view, culture, food, and much more, Amalfi is surely able to astonish you!